Mr. M.Y.Saleem

Department of Local Government,
Eastern Provincial Council,
Kanniya Road,

Tel :026-2220074
Fax :026-2220075




Improved local authority system ensuring sustainable service delivery.

Coordinating, supporting and guiding for enhancing the capacities of local authorities through facilitating the development of legal frame work, services delivered and development work undertaken and monitoring to ensure equity, efficiency and effectiveness.

Thrust Area - 1   :  Providing technical and financial support to LAs for infrastructure development and efficient service delivery.
- Supported local authorities for the development of road network (construction & improvement).
- Supported the development of local authorities services (construction & improvement).
- Supported the improvement of rural water supply and sanitary system (construction & improvement).
Thrust Area - 2   : Supporting local authorities in environmental protection and waste management.
- Ensured implementation of environmental policies and guidelines.
- Ensured integrated & participatory solid waste management system in place (established, improvement and supplying).
- Ensured for integrated & participatory liquid waste management system adopted (established, improvement and supplying).
Thrust Area - 3   :  Building capacity of local authorities (human, physical and legal).
- Supported local authorities to strengthen the human resources.
- Supported local authorities to improve e-service delivery system.
Thrust Area - 4   :  Supporting local authorities to prepare development plan.
- Ensured completion of resource profiles by all local authorities.
- Ensured preparation / updation of LAPDP by all local authorities.
- Ensured preparation / updating of participatory budget by all local authorities.
Thrust Area - 5   :  Institutional development and governance.
- Ensured effective procurement and quality management systems.
- Ensured effective LAGRM system in place in all local authorities.
- Improved revenue collection system in all local authorities.
- Developed capacity of the institutions and the staff.

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