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Improved local authority system ensuring sustainable service delivery.

Coordinating, supporting and guiding for enhancing the capacities of local authorities through facilitating the development of legal frame work, services delivered and development work undertaken and monitoring to ensure equity, efficiency and effectiveness.

E1S 29 06 2020As part of the Capacity Building component in the LDSP Project, The Asia Foundation as a strategic partner of UNDP and the Department of Local Government, Eastern Province in the LDSP Project has conducted a training program to the selected enumerators from the Local Government Sector at the GGRC Centre at ACLG Office, Trincomalee on 2020.06.29.

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E1S 20 07 2020The new chairmen to the Thambalakamam Pradeshiya Shaba and Alayadivembu Pradeshiya Shaba have been selected on 20.07.2020 and 21.07.2020 respectively at the special meeting called by N. Manivannan, Commissioner of Local Government, Eastern Province as to fill the vacancies arose due to the tendered of resignation letters of the existed chairmen of the respective Shabas. As per the Local Authorities Elections (Amendment) Act No. 22 of 2012, the Commissioner of Local Government, Eastern Province has published the Gazette notification dated 29.06.2020 with the No. 2182/2 and tri-lingual newspaper advertisement on 29.06.2020 to inform the councilors to present for the selection meeting of new chairman.

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