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I Modern organization ensuring quality service delivery and governance

Improving the quality of service delivery of the sector agencies under the purview of the Ministry through participatory process and practicing principles of governance.

Thrust Area - 1 : Issuing guidelines and instructions to the agencies under the ministry.

- Updated guidelines and instruction.

Thrust Area - 2 : Co-ordination and monitoring of the activities of the agencies.

- Ensured Periodical monitoring of the agencies.

Thrust Area - 3 : Institutional capacity development and governance.

- Strengthened institutions with physical and human resources.

Thrust Area - 4 : Implementation of special development program.

- Improved small scale infrastructure facilities and community development.

E1S 08 11 2018

A tree planting programme is one of the activity which was planned under annual implementation programme 2018 and necessary fund for implementation is also allocated for selected Pradeshiya Sabhas comes under purview of Chief Ministry, Eastern Province under Environment sector. Accordingly, one of the planned programmes was carried out by Pradeshiya Sabha, Manmunai on 31.10.2018 at 9.30 a.m onwards. This programme was held at Arayampathy, Batticaloa where Mr.S.Mahendralingam, Chairman of Manmunai Pradeshiya Sabha initiated the programme and planted trees at centre part of the Arayampathy main road for beautification and to reduce the city dwellers stress.

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E1S 30 10 2018

An another awareness programme on Traffic Rules and Regulation was conducted for students of T/R.K.M Sri Koneswara Hindu College, T/Sri Shanmuga Hindu Ladies College, T/Zahira College and T/st. Francis Xavier Maha Vidyalayam at T/Methodist College, Trincomalee under the fund allocated from Law and Order. Mr.M.Mohanendhiran, Assistant Director of Education, Zonal Education Office, Trincomalee organized the training programme. Senior Police officials from Trincomalee Police headquarters conducted the programme and explained the importance of adhering the traffic rules and regulation. They also clearly explained the potential adverse impacts of not obeying traffic rules to the school students. At this programme Mr.R.Neduncheliyan, Director Planning of Chief Ministry witnessed the event and briefly explained the importance of organizing this programme to the students.

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