E1M1 27 08 2019His Excellency David Mc Kinnon, the Canadian High Commissioner for Sri Lanka visited to Eastern Provincial Council along with his team on 27.08.2019 and had a brief conversation with the Chief Secretary on Peace Building Processes after the recent incident happened on 21.04.2019 in the country.

At this occasion, following a warm welcome by the Chief Secretary, an overview of the Eastern Provincial Council was briefed to the High Commissioner and his team. Mainly, subsequent of the recent disaster in the country, the current peace building programmes and the productive initiations of the EPC to ensure the peace and the harmony among the comminutes in the Eastern Province was sensitively discussed. The representation of the Religious leaders, youths and the women in this peace building processes was also conversed.

Chief Secretary, in his final thanksgiving note, requested to the high commissioner for any possible opportunities from the Canadian Government in view for the betterment of the people of the Eastern Province. Secretary to the Governor, Deputy Chief Secretary-Planning and the officials from the Provincial Planning Secretariat also attended to this event.


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