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Decent and quality shelters with required amenities for all.

Providing safe, quality and affordable shelters and related services in fair and equitable manner to the people through stakeholder participation to uplift their socio economic status.

Thrust Area - 1 : Supporting construction and improving shelters.

- Provided decent, safe and affordable shelters.
- Constructed modernized housing scheme.
- Provided better residential facilities to the staff of provincial government.

Thrust Area - 2 : Assuring quality in constructions.

- Ensured quality of constructions and materials.

Thrust Area - 3 : Developing amenities for beneficiaries.

- Improved access, utilities and community infrastructure in housing area.
- Prepared environmental friendly design.

Thrust Area - 4 : Developing skills of constructions related works.

- Empowered skill work force.

Thrust Area - 5 : Institutional development & governance.

- Prepared policy guidelines and plans.
- Strengthened office capacity with physical resources and infrastructure.


An Engineering Material Testing Laboratory unit was opened on 13.06.2019 at Urban Council, Trincomalee by Eastern Province Housing Authority (EPHA) in collaboration with Urban Council, Trincomalee according to the MOU signed between EPHA and UC, Trincomalee on the same day. This is a remarkable achievement in EPHA’s history and a long felt want too. This unit will carry out all tests to ensure the quality of all building materials at a reasonable cost. All revenue from this venture will be utilized for EPHA’s future development activities and to incur other expenditures without depending on the Consolidated Fund. At this event Secretary-Chief Ministry, Chairman-EPHA, General Manager-EPHA, DCS-Planning, DCS-Finance, Provincial Director of Buildings Department and Secretary-Urban Council, Trincomalee were also presented.


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