Dr.(Mrs) R.Srithar

Department of Indigenous Medicine
Inner Harbour Road
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Quality indigenous health care services to achieve healthier population

Provision of indigenous health care with easy access and sustainability for prevention and treatment for diseases by adapting and strengthening accepted traditional medical practices.

Thrust Area - 1  : Providing quality and reliable indigenous health care services.
- Improved indigenous curative health care services.
- Improved indigenous preventive health care services.
- Established integrated hospitals (western & ayurveda).
- Improved health education system.
Thrust Area - 2   : Promote ayurveda medical tourism.
- Improved special treatment units.
- Conserved and developed commercial herbal plantation with participation of private farmers.
- Provided foreign trainings to Ayurveda MOs with sponsorship of foreign private companies.

Thrust Area - 3   : Promote self sufficiency in herbal medicines and commercialization.
- Established herbal gardens in each indigenous medical institution.
- Established large scale Herbal garden in each district.
- Established drugs sales outlets in each district.

Thrust Area - 4   : Conservation, strengthening and promotion of accepted traditional medical practices.
- Obtained services of special traditional physicians.
- Printed traditional manuscript books /CDs.
- Provided equipment to be used for traditional treatment.

Thrust Area - 5   : Institutional development and governance.
- Provided training on capacity development for staff.
- Improved office system.
- Established online data updating system in Indigenous hospitals.

E1S 17 05 2018

The of Department of Indigenous Medicine has arranged a “Vesak Dansala” on 01.05.2018 at front of Eastern Provincial CouncilTraditional value of Herbal drinks such as welimal and Iramusu osupan (Dansala) given to public.

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E1S 28 03 2018

The New Central Ayurveda Dispensary value Rs.5.3 Million opened By Honourable Governor Rohitha Bogalagma in Vanela on 28.03.2018.

On this function, The Secretory of Health and Indigenous Medicine Mr.A.H.M.Ansar, The Commissioner Dr(Mrs) R.Srithar Department of Indigenous Medicine , Eastern Province Medical Officers, staffs from and Public also Participated in this Ceremony.

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