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Quality rural industrial products for competitive market.

Promoting and developing cottage, micro & small industries with emphasis on eco-friendly and local resources based industries thereby creating employment opportunities, increasing the share of rural industrial benefits equitably to all and contributing to the GDP.

Thrust Area - 1   :  Development of local resource based industries.
- Developed skills in clay based industries.
- Developed skills in food processing.
- Developed skills in coir based industries.
- Developed skills in wood craftsmen / carpentry.
- Developed skills in mat based industries.
Thrust Area - 2   : Promoting public, private and community groups in partnership for the development of entrepreneurship activities.
- Competitive Examinations for Recruitments conducted.
- Interviews for Recruitment conducted.
- Efficiency Bar Examinations conducted.
- Interviews for promotions conducted.
- Introduced Improved system for recruitment, transfer and Promotion processes.
Thrust Area - 3   :  Providing vocational skill development & career guidance programmes for employment generation.
- Developed national vocational accredited training centres.
- Guided and coordinated employment opportunities.
Thrust Area - 4   :  Productivity improvement of rural industrial products.
- Produced competitive products.
Thrust Area - 5   :  Promoting marketing & marketing linkages.
- Improved market linkages.
- Established online marketing.

Thrust Area - 6   :  Institutional capacity building and governance.
- Trained and skilled staff.
- Provided and upgraded required machinery and equipment.
- Implemented circulars, guidelines and policies.

E1M1 10 10 2017The main program of Fisheries Day was inaugurated in Kallarawa, Trincomalee on 10.10.2017. The fresh water prawn breeding center in Kallarawa built at a cost of 200 million rupees and the modernized fish sales center of Ceylon Fisheries Corporation in Trincomalee were opened at the occasion. A housing project in Sagarapura for the fisher not with permanent houses was also launched under the National Food Production Campaign.

These happenings were graced under the patronage of Minister Mahinda Amaraweera, State Minister Dilip Wedaarachchi, Governor of the Eastern Province, Rohitha Bogollagamaand the Secretary to the Ministry Mangalika Adikari.

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