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Mr. K.Karunaharan

Ministry of Road Development

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Best coordinating organization for quality service delivery in road development & land administration.

Strengthening road, land, women affairs, water supply and skill & manpower agencies through coordination & monitoring to ensure quality service delivery and governance and to improve the performance of these agencies in sustainable manner.

Thrust Area - 1   : :  IIssuing guidelines & instructions on implementation to agencies.
- Updated guidance and instructions.
- Complied with guidelines, circulars, procedures issued by the relevant authorities.
Thrust Area - 2   :  Monitoring & evaluation on a regular basis.
- Measured and monitored institutional and project performance.
- Evaluated performance of the projects.

Thrust Area - 3   :  Implementation of special development programmes.
- Implemented special development projects.
- Implemented water supply projects.
- Implemented women affairs projects.
- Implemented skill & manpower projects.

Thrust Area - 3   :  Strengthening institutional capacity & governance.
- Ensured better institutional arrangements.
- Maintained proper office transport system.
- Increased capacity & skills of the staff.
- Maintained office building & quarters.

E1S 12 10 2018One day Training Programme on Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) was conducted by Ministry of Road Development, Land & Land Administration on 11th of October 2018 at Management Training Development Unit (MDTU), Trincomalee. Mr. K. Karunaharan, Secretary, Ministry of Road Development, E.P inaugurated the Programme. Development Officers, Colonization Officers and Field Instructors were participated at this Programme. Mr. V. Gowritharan, Director Planning, Ministry of Road Development, E.P was the Resource Person for this Programme.


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E1S 28 09 2018Ministry of Road Development Women affairs has inaugurated a Beauty Culture Programme for unemployed women in Morawewa Divisional Secretariat on 27th of September 2018. Secretary, Ministry of Road Development, E.P, and other officials were participated in this event.


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