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Governor's Secretariat
Hon. Rear Admiral (Retd.)
Mohan Wijewickrama

Governor's Secretariat,
Lower Road,
Orr's Hill,

Tel: 026-2222102
Fax: 026-2222320

E-mail: governor@ep.gov.lk

Secretary to the Governor
Mr. K. Sivanathan

  Governor's Secretariat,
  Lower Road,
  Orr's Hill,

  Tel: 026-2222159

  Vision   Mission
To provide an excellent Public Service in order to cater and assist the Provincial Council in providing development and services to the people in the Province as envisaged by the Constitution of Sri Lanka.
Issue instructions for Public and Financial administration with regard to the Provincial matters as required by laws and instructions applicable and exercise the Executive power vested with the Provincial Council as per the Constitution of Sri Lanka.
Thrust Area - 1   :  Guidance, Monitoring and Facilitation for Administrative and Development
                                Process in EPC.
Result oriented programmes and projects implemented within the national policy framework efficiently.
Resources distributed reasonably and utilized effectively creates good results.
Administrative and development functions proceed with appropriate legal provisions.
Thrust Area - 2   :  Supported for Small Infrastructure and Community Development.
Supplemented community infrastructure facilities and needs.
Encouraged community participation and initiatives.
Thrust Area - 3   :  Institutional Capacity Development.
Trained and skilled staff performing productively.
Createdpositiveoffice environment with facilities leads efficient services delivery.
Thrust Area - 4   :  Good Governance.
Performance and accountability monitored and evaluated.
Regulations, Circulars and Guidelines are complied with Implemented.
Governor's Memorandum
No. Memorandum View
2014  /  02 Payment of Incentive to Legal Officers of the Eastern Provincial Council. English
2014  /  01 Ceremonial Opening of new building / new facilities out of CBG/PSDG/Poject Funds within the Eastern Province English
2013  /  07 Amendment to the Governor's Memorandum - 02 / 2012 English
2013  /  06 Granding of Promotions On Exceptional Performance In Scheme of Recruitment and Serice minutes. English
2013  /  04 Additional Remuneration Paid for EPC Officers When Appointed as Director/Project Staff in Additional to Their Present Duties English
2013  /  03 Amendment of Administration of Governor's Trust Fund English
2013  /  01 New Departments, Institutions and Offices to be established by Eastern Provincial      Ministry Sinhala
2013  /  02 Delegation of Power Concerning to Provincial Public Service, Eastern Province English
2013  /  02 Governor's Memorandum - 02 / 2013. English
2012  /  03 Transfers of Eastern Provincial Council Staff Sinhala
2012  /  02 Payment of Incentive Allowance to the Staff who are Involved in Issuance of Motor   Vehicle Revenue Licenses Attached to the Dept.of Motor Traffic of Eastern Provincial   Council and Divisional Secretariats in the EP English
2012  /  01 Administration of Governor's Trust Fund English
2011  /  09 Quarterly Review Meetings for Monitoring Development Activities Under the Capital    Budget - EPC English
2011  /  08 Delegation of Power Concerning to Provincial Public Service, Eastern Province English
2011  /  07 Instruction for the Administration and Maintenance of Quarters Belonging to    Ministries and Departments of the Eastern Provincial Council English
2011  /  06 Approval for Foreign Travelling - Eastern Provincial Council staff Sinhala
2011  /  05 Delegation of Power Concerning to Provincial Public Service of the Eastern Province English
2011  /  03 Administrative Arrangements for the Supervision, Management and Control of    Heavy Machineries and Equipments English
2011  /  02 Administrative Instrutions for Governor's Bungalow at Ampara English
2011  /  01 Administration of Governor's Trust Fund English
2010  /  02 Scheme of Recruitment - Provincial Public Services English
2010  /  01 Administration of Governor's Trust Fund (Amendment) English
2009  /  04 Attachment of CIRM to MDTD under the Direct Administrative Control of Chief Secretary English
2008  /  04 Leave / Duty To Be Spent Out of Station. English
2008  /  03 Special Maintenance of Local Road Belong To Pradesiya Sabah In Eastern Province. English
2008  /  01 Maiitenance and Update of Website of The Eastern Province. English
2007  /  07 Financial Assistance To Leading Senior Artists / Scholars Who Had Contributied To The Society. English
2007  /  06 See Distribution-Governor's Memorandum - 06 / 2007. English
2007  /  05 Employment of Retired Officers on Contract Basis English
2007  /  03 See Distribution-Governor's Memorandum - 03 / 2007. English
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