E1M1 25 09 2020

According to the discussion of the Co-operative Employees Commission with CCD and RCS and the decision taken on 23.07.2020, the Commission had approved on 20.08.2020, to appoint the following Committee to Grading of Societies, Salary Revision for Co-operative Employees of Eastern Province & etc.:

Mr.S.Partheepan, Assistant Secretary Ministry of Agriculture And Co-operative Development, Eastern Province     - Chairman

Mr.S.Sivagurunathan (Retired ACCD) - Member                                     

Mr.K.A.Nalin Maheekumar, ACCD  Ampara - Member 

Mr.M.M.Junaideen, Senior CDO, Kalmunai, ACCD's Office- Member   

Mr.T.Rajanikanth,G.M, Batticaloa MPCS - Member






The first Sitting of the Committee was held on 19.09.2020 at the office of the co-operative Employee’s Commission from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The following matters were discussed in this meeting:

  1. Grading of the Co-operative societies on the basis of its Physical, Financial, Human resources and etc. of such Societies, similar to categorized by the Co-operative Employees Commission, Colombo in 2016.
  2. Revision of salaries with scales with comparing the other Provinces such as Northern, Central, Southern and etc. to effect it from 01.01.2021.
  3. Amendments to the required qualifications and experience for recruitment and promotions which is suitable for current economic trends to sustain the human resources with promoting the development of the Societies as well to effect it from 01.01.2021
  4. Any other subjects whatsoever related to the above for which the committee believes to deem as necessary to be revised to effect the above proposals/recommendations.


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