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Eng. K. Chandramohan

Department of Buildings

Inner Harbour Road
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E1M1 01 01 2021

Department of Buildings, Eastern Province in collaboration with Ministry of Road Development, Eastern Province organized a function for taking oath on 1st January 2021 in the premises of Department of Buildings. The Provincial Director of Buildings, EP chaired this event. All the health measures including maintaining social distance were closely monitored during this event.

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E1S 02 11 2020

An event was arranged to issue the safety masks and hand sanitizers to the staff of Provincial Director’s office, Department of Buildings Inner harbour Road, Trincomalee and sterilized office Premises for all floors under the programme of prevention and control of   covid -19 on 02.11.2020. The Provincial Director of Buildings EP has distributed the masks and hand sanitizers to the staff with maintaining social distance.

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