E3M3 05 10 2020

For the Construction and operation of a Solid Waste Management project at Ashraff Nagar, Addalachenai, the Addalachenai Pradeshiya Shaba has signed an agreement with Lanka Bio-Gas Oluvil (Private) limited on 2020.09.29 at 11.00 a.m. at the Addalachenai Pradeshiya Shaba premises.

This agreement became as the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) for twenty years between those two institutions with the concept of “Zero” landfill for Municipal Solid Waste including slaughter waste, poultry waste, fishery waste, agriculture waste and sewerage which will be converted into organic fertilizer, Pyrolysis oil/Bio Fuel, Energy, Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and Solar power facilitated venture. With the approval of the Hon. Governor of Eastern Province, the land area of 5 acres at the present dumping site is allotted to this project. The non-degradable waste except metal and concrete would be used for this project, whereas the existing Kawashima plant would be feed with the degradable waste. The Lanka Bi0-Gas Oluvil Company will take action to construct and fix the required machineries to start the above project and PS would extend its support to execute the project. As the present dumping site is used as cluster based site among the neighboring Local Authorities, implementing of this project would be enhance the waste handing capacities of the LAs and as well as increase their revenue as the profit would be shared among the LAs. As the present dumping site is much vulnerable for environmental degradation, this project would address those issues and provide sustainable solutions.  

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