E1M1 27 07 2021

Secretary of the CEC & its Staffs Visited to Ampara MPCS & Ampara Livestock and Dairy Co-operative Society to observe their provision of services with Covid situation without thinking about profits and with dedication of the employees and MPCS to serve the people.

in these visits the representatives of employees in societies to coordinating activities related to functions of the Commission have been Nominated as detail follows,

Further New Circular for Amended Positions and Qualifications for Recruiting & Promoting Employees also distributed among the societies.


Name of Employees  Representating Society   Date of Nomination 
Ms.K.Tharshana Manmunai South Eruvil Pattru MPCS 27 .07.2021
Ms.Imalee Madeera Ampara MPCS 27 .07.2021
Ms.Janaki Priyanga Ampara MPCS 27 .07.2021
Ms.K.K.P.Dinushka Ampara Livestock & Dairy Co-operative Society 27 .07.2021

E1M2 27 07 2021 E1M3 27 07 2021 E1M4 27 07 2021


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