E1M1 06 07 2022

As per the instruction given by the Hon. Governor of Eastern Province Ms. Anuratha Yahampath in 2020 to the Co-operative Employees Commission,There after the Commission had decided to award casual permanency to Co-operative Employees who were appointed before October 2020. In addition, it had approved promotion assignments in time for their carrier developments.

Accordingly, 41 of such Employees casual permanency assignment letters & 16 promotion assignment letters had been handed over by the secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture Mr.I.K.G.Muthubanda for the employees from Co-operative societies in Trincomalee District on 23.06.2022 at 3.00 p.m. in Agriculture Ministry conference hall. Further Secretary to the Commission, ACCD Trincomalee, Chairman of Trincomalee MPCS, Chairman of Muthur MPCS, Chairman of Sinhapura MPCS Theft & Credit Society and respective employees were also attended in this occasion.

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