E1M1 01 08 2022

Mr.IKG.Muthubanda, Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture - E.P. is on field visit to see the activities of Department of Agriculture, E.P. He made a visit to District Agriculture Training Centre, Anpuvelipuram in Trincomalee on 26th of July 2022. Dr.S.M.Hussain Provincial Director, DOA, & Deputy Director of Agriculture(Ext), Trincomalee and other officers joined the visit.


He advised to prepare a master plan for DATC to focus the operation of Advance account with DATC Trincomalee and other training centres in the Department of Agriculture. EP. He further visited NVQ Training centre of the DATC & discussed with students of the NVQ and they were advised to become entrepreneurs.



 E1M2 01 08 2022
E1M3 01 08 2022


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