E1M1 12 01 2021

The Special Meeting held on 12.01.2021 which was chaired by Mr.M.C.L. Fernando who is Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Eastern Province. Provincial Director of Education and Zonal Directors of Education were participated in this meeting.

After that, Director of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Colombo explained to distribute the Fruit Sapling to Grade 01 Students according to the New Policy of the Government. In the meantime explained the Solar Power to introduce the Eastern Province by relevant Officers.

Mr. H.E.M.W.G. Dissanayaka Deputy Chief Secretary (Admin), Eastern Province participate this meeting on behalf of Chief Secretary who was shared message of the chief Secretary to Zonal Directors.

Finally Secretary, Ministry of Education discussed School Results regarding Eastern Province.





E1M2 12 01 2021E1M3 12 01 2021


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