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A special review meeting was conducted on 17.02.2021 at Governor’s Secretariat, Trincomalee under chairmanship of Hon. Governor, Anuradha Yahampath in order to closely examine the submitted activities      (called form III) for implementing the Annual Implementation Programme (AIP) for the year 2021 under PSDG funds.

The five provincial ministries with their cluster departments presented their planned activities which they intended to implement during this financial year as their Annual Implementation Programme -2021 of PSDG funds. As per the allocated schedule, Hon. Governor conducted the ministry wise review discussion in a productive manner. In this, Secretaries of the five sector ministries and the relevant sector heads of the departments under each ministry expressed their development proposals including the distribution of the capital funds in a balanced approach.


Hon. Governor systematically reviewed the activities sector wise and suggested for further improvement of the proposals incorporating the directions given in the National Policy Framework and UN-SDG. Also she highlighted much marginalized sub regions in the province. And Hon. Governor requested all the secretaries and the heads of the departments to give priority for such divisions and to identity suitable programmes for uplifting the areas and benefitting the much needy vulnerable community.

Provincial Planning Secretariat under guidance of Chief Secretary facilitated the review discussion and emphasized the importance of adopting the guidelines of the Finance Commission as the concurrence for the proposal for AIP-2021 has to be obtained from the Finance Commission prior to implement the programme in regions.

Chief Secretary, Secretary to the Hon. Governor, Coordinating Secretary to the Hon. Governor, Deputy Chief Secretary-Planning , Secretaries of the five sector ministers , relevant head of the departments and relevant senior officials attended the review discussion and much contributed. The review session ended at 9.30 pm.

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