E1M1 31 10 2022The Hon. Governor of the Eastern Province Anuradha Yahampath requested to the provincial authorities that the foreign-funded development projects constructing the buildings and roads should be stopped with immediate effect.

The Hon. Governor further revealed that while many unnecessary buildings have been built using foreign funds but they are not utilizing for proper use. This effort personally benefit the enrichment of the contractors.
The special meeting was held on 26th October 2022 at the Governor's Secretariat in Trincomalee with the participation of World Bank representatives regarding the projects to be implemented in the Eastern Province under World Bank assistance

The Hon. Governor further instructed to the heads of the local government authorities that,
“ To concentrate on the livelihood project rather than the infrastructure development projects. The infrastructure projects such as construction of building, DBST roads and concrete roads, which can be considered whenever the funds mobilized from any other sources. Due to our negligence in the past, now we are experiencing the consequences. Therefore don’t repeat that wrong exercises again. There are need arises for many livelihood projects which considered to improve people's standard of living. In this line your project activities should focused on such type of projects as soon as possible," .
RMSP Ratnayake the Chief Secretary, Kalamadi Padmaraja Secretary of Chief Minister’s Ministry, L.P. Madanayake Secretary to the Governor, A. Manivannan Commissioner of Local Government, heads of local Authorities and the representatives of the World Bank, were also present on this occasion .

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