E1M1 15 02 2021Provincial Dengue Review Meeting to discuss on going activities and evaluate the integrated vector management programme to mitigate the situation held today (15/02/2021) under the Chairmanship of Hon. Governor, EP at Governor's Secretariat with the participation of Chief Secretary, Secretary to the Governor, Secretary of Health, DPDHS, Officers from National Dengue Control Unit, All RDHS, CCP, MO Planning, REE, Medical Superintendents of Batticaloa region, MOH of Batticaloa region, SPHII, PHII, Entomologist Batticaloa region.

In the meantime the other officials who engage with Dengue control activities were also participated at this discussion. They are: Mayor of Batticaloa, Commissioner Local Government, Divisional Secretaries of Batticaloa, SSP Batticaloa, SL Army, Batticaloa.

CCP NDCU, MO Incharge for Dengue Control Activities, RDHS Batticaloa, MOH Batticaloa brief the presentations with emphasis on current outbreak mitigation activities.

Thereafter, the evening session held at PDHS Office with the participation & health staff to discuss control measures and future control activity plans.

E1M2 15 02 2021E1M3 15 02 2021E1M4 15 02 2021



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