Legal Officer

Mr.A.M. Aniff Lebbe

 Legal Unit

Inner Harbour Road

Tel : 026-2223586
Mob : 077-7772302
Fax : 026-2223578
Email :

Information Officer

Mrs.Kafeela Anas


Mob  : 077-2415052


Performance Report

Competent organization providing legal services to provincial agencies.

Providing legal support and guidance to provincial ministries, departments and institutions enabling them to make efficient, effective, just and reasonable decisions and to ensure practice of governance.

Thrust Area - 1   : Interpretation of provisions of laws, rules and regulations and review of statutes.
- Provincial agencies advised, guided and provided with finalized statutes and legal documentses and legal documents.
- Advised, guided and supported with Provincial agencies on legal issues.
Thrust Area - 2   : 
Guiding and assisting the ministries, departments and institutions on disciplinary procedures, court and tribunal cases.

- Appeared in court cases and tribunal inquiries effectively.
- Guided and supported provincial agencies on disciplinary procedures and inquiries.

Thrust Area - 3   : Institutional development and governance.

- Improved institution with adequate physical resources and infrastructure facility.
- Improved capacity of office staff.

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