E1M1 25 09 2020

He was speaking at an event to mark the occasion of President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa's visit to the Sallitivu beach area in Vavuniya on Friday to develop tourism in the Eastern Province through the Sustainable Development Plan.

As he further stated there, He said that with a view to developing the entertainment sector of our country, there will be projects in the future to attract foreign exchange and create business ventures to attract more income to the youth living near the tourist centers.

In order to develop the tourism sector in the Eastern Province, a project to develop the tourism sector will be carried out in the Panichchankeni Sallithivu area in the Vavuniya Divisional Secretariat Division where natural and marine resources are found.

The program will be initiated by the Eastern Provincial Tourism Department to develop the tourism resources in the Sallitivu area and to attract tourists here and to develop the area.

During the discussion, the Governor of the Eastern Province, Mrs. Anuradha Jagambath, inquired about the problems faced by the fishermen and assured them that their problems would be rectified step by step if submitted to them in writing.

The fishermen expressed their gratitude on behalf of the fishermen to the Governor of the Eastern Province for coming to our feet and assuring us of the problems we face as fishermen and promising to address them as soon as possible.

The event was chaired by R. Hariprathap, Head of Tourism, Eastern Province.

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