E1M1 24 07 2020

A meeting on Re-routing of bus services and development of bus halts was held on 24-07-2020 at Eastern Province Road Passengers Transport Authority, Head Office building.

ERPTA officers and SLTB officers agreed to provide city bus services and the bus fare will be informed soon after the discussions with the operators.

ERPTA director stated that currently commuters are using private vehicle to go to works (mainly ladies). It will be reduced when this bus operation will be started. Currently buses from Kantale, Thampalagama, Kinniya, Mutur, Pulmoddai, Nilaveli and Gomarangadewela are running through the city. But people could not go the exact location on time which they want. If this service applicable, then all those people can get the buses from Abayapura junction to go to their needed location on time. Further, the ERPTA officers requested to provide bus halts and bus bays for the necessary locations needed for this service.

SLTB manager stated that current travel time within the city area is too long. Ex: travel time from Bus stand to Uppuveli junction is nearly 30 – 40 mins. If this service will applicable(both side services), It can be reduced to 10 - 15 mins. This will stimulate the public to use the bus transport rather than motor bikes. 

E1M1 24 07 2020

Yard approach road problem of Existing problem discussed during the meeting and Both of them are likely to have the bus route through the yard approach road (which is encroached by hospital) if possible. TTMI team agreed and will be informed after the discussion with Director, General Hospital.

Existing condition of Main street was discussed. ERPTA officers stated that currently buses from pulmoddai is using main street. Main street is comparatively enough to have a bus route rather than central road and NC road. Already ODD/EVEN parking arrangements are followed by the public.

The matters related to pedestrianize the road section Infront of the vegetable market and having new road at the ground side of the bus stand was discussed. ERPTA and SLTB officers explained that buses can’t be flow through the fish market area due to the congestion and parking facilities. Providing entrance in the Konesar road will increase the difficulties to buses as well as public. Also, mentioned that the vehicle flow from NC road – Central road and Konesar road - Central road will be in trouble.

The matters related to existing bus stand arrangements were discussed. RPTA and SLTB made some requests for the existing bus stand as follows, 

E1M1 24 07 2020

• Total – 20 Bus Bays

• SLTB Office

• Private Bus Office

• Control Room

• Improvements in Public facilities (Toilets, Payphones, Drinking water and Café)

TTMI team agreed to include their suggestions in the project.

Decisions Highlighted 

• ERPTA officers and SLTB officers accepted to proceed the bus services which was explained in the map.

• Both of them accepted to provide flat rate after having the meeting with bus operators.

• ERPTA, SLTB accepted to provide buses for the peak hours (buses per 15 mins) and Off-peak hours (buses per 30 mins).

E1M1 24 07 2020

• TTMI team agreed to construct Bus halts and bus bays for the necessary locations.

• Objection was raised for the pedestrianizing road Infront of market and having new road along the ground side from RPTA and SLTB.

• Existing bus stand improvement will be implemented as per needs.

Meeting adjourned at about 11.00 hrs.

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