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The World Rabies Day 2022 held on 28th September 2022. On this day, the international and national community comes forward to promote the fight against rabies. This year, the sixteenth WRD observed worldwide with the theme “One Health, Zero Death”. The theme highlights the use of multi-sartorial coordination mechanism (One Health) approach with the global target of reaching zero human deaths by 2030.

One of the identified activity was giving awareness program for school children on dog bite and dog rabies.The objective of this program was aware school children on dog bite and dog rabies and community awareness through leaflet distributing among school children

Targeted group of the students were grade 6-7 (decided by range Veterinary Surgeon and school principal)

Program included; awareness using a presentation on prevention of dog bites/rabies and distribution of leaflets. The children will be provided refreshment

This school children awareness program was conducted in three districts in Sri Lanka, Kalutara, Kurunagala, and Trincomalee, where occurrence recent of rabies cases.

In Trincomalee District, the school children awareness program was conducted in all the Veterinary Ranges by the Govt.Veterinary Surgeons on 29th /30th September and 03rd October. The schools were selected by the Veterinary Surgeons and the program was conducted successfully according to the schedule. 

  1. Total no. of students- 10,2002.
  2. No. of students Participated (Average) -200 students/school
  3. No. of schools, program done:17
  4. Time allocation for the awareness program -1 hr
  5. The school children were given yoghurt, exercise book and a pen


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