E1M1 01 01 2021

Department of Buildings, Eastern Province in collaboration with Ministry of Road Development, Eastern Province organized a function for taking oath on 1st January 2021 in the premises of Department of Buildings. The Provincial Director of Buildings, EP chaired this event. All the health measures including maintaining social distance were closely monitored during this event.

The Planning Director, Chief Accountant, Administrative Officer and staff from Ministry of Road Development EP and Chief Engineer, Executive Engineer, Accountant, other Engineer’s, Administrative officer and staff from Department of Buildings, EP participated at this function.

Provincial Director of Buildings, EP hoisted the National Flag of Sri Lanka and the National anthem was sung. After that all the staff observed 2-minute silence for our National heroes.

Next all of officers took their oaths in Sinhala and Tamil Languages.


The administrative officer from Ministry of Road Development, EP made a speech about the prevention of COVID -19.

The Provincial Director of Buildings, EP gave his presentation, to the dignity of Public services, given the quick and honesty services, important of official’s commitments and delegating through general public to create their happiness, fairness’s and loyal society for prosperous country.    

Finally, all the officials shared their happiness to each other with following rules of COVID-19.

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