E1M1 18 07 2021

Each Local Authorities were asked to setup the “Call Centre” to handle and response to the Covid 19 emergency cases as well as other Local Authority Service-related complaint, under the Preparatory Performance Transfer Advance (PPTA) of Local Development Support Project, funded by the World Bank.

The technical site of the call Centre solution has been proposed by the SLT and Shabas were asked to setup their own mechanism to keep records on the complaints received and the action taken as results to the complaints.

Hence, Town and Gravet Pradeshiya Shaba in Trincomalee District has took the early initiation to setup the call Centre in the Pradeshiya Shaba premises. The call Centre was inaugurally opened by Hon. Governor of Eastern Province on 2021.07.18 and the first official complaint was received by Hon. Governor soon after opening of this Centre.

This call Centre will facilitate and function as a coordinating arm with the relevant stakeholders and the general public. Public can directly make complaints to this Centre, where the officer in-charge will keep record of the complaint and refer the same to the respective stakeholder to provide solution for the issue reported. Especially, the self-quarantine persons could contact this Centre for seeking helps like making referral to the respective MOH/PHI, no receive of rations, safety garbage disposals, drinking water supply etc. At the long run this system would be developed as comprehensive virtual platform with additional facilities to provide quick solutions, especially for service related issues, for the betterment of the public.

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