E1M1 09 09 2021

The Department of Local Government with the support of the World Bank has implemented the Local Development Support Project (LDSP) with the coordination and guidance of the State Ministry of Provincial Council and Local Government Affairs, Governor and Chief Secretary of Eastern Province.  Under the LDSP project, all 45 Local Authorities in the province have received financial assistance to strengthen the service delivery to the general public by enhancing the capacities of the Local Authorities in the Province.  Hence, the Basis Transfer has already been made available to the LAs and by utilizing  such financial provision, the LAs are being implementing number of development projects in their respective areas by picking the projects from the Local Authority Participatory Development Plan (LAPDP) which prepared by the LAs with the participation of the beneficiaries/customers of the areas.

As an another component of the LDSP project, the department with the collaboration of the PCU and the Asia Foundation has conducted awareness and induction program via zoom on 2021.09.09 for Tamil Medium LAs and 2021.09.13 for Sinhala Medium LAs in the Province to get an clear idea about the mechanism of the Performance Transfer which the LAs going to get shortly as another grant to implement special projects in their areas.  The induction session was conducted by The Asia Foundation via zoom technology and all LAs in the Eastern Province took part in the session and received required clarification on the Performance Transfer.  As this grant is unlike Basic Transfer, it will purely depend on the performance of the Local Authorities.  The guideline as well as the questionnaire were distributed among the LAs and the external evaluation to identify the level of capacity and performance of LAs will be measured by the selected universities.  Based on the external evaluation the amount that each LAs would receive will be determined.  Probably, in the first week of September, the LAs will receive the Performance Transfers based on the external evaluation.  

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