E1M1 27 09 2021

The Department of Local Government, Eastern Province with the support of the Federation of Sri Lanka Government Authorities (FSLGA) and The Asia Foundation has initiated a project called Public Private Dialogue between Local Authorities and Business Community of the respective areas in 10 Local Authorities in the Eastern Province. 4 Local Authorities in Trincomalee district and 3 Local Authorities each from Batticaloa and Ampara Districts have been selected for this project. Trincomalee UC, Town and Gravest PS, Kanthale PS and Thambalakama PS from Trincomalee district, Municipal Council Batticaloa, Koralaipattu PS and Eravur Pattu PS from Batticaloa district, Karaithevu PS, Addalachenai PS and Pottuvil PS are the Local Authorities where the project has been implemented.   The project has been provided facilities to conduct dialogues among the business communities and the Local Authorities where the unattended issues of business community had been discussed and came up with the feasible solutions to maintain a good relationship between the LA and the business community. As the final outcome of the project;


1. Relationship built up with the small scale producers and businessmen with the Local Authority.

2. Policy/by-law to facilitate business community has been developed.

3. Establishment of consultative advisory committee on business promotion and maintenance.


have been finalized at the respective LAs and took action to implement the decisions arrived as a result of the Public Private Dialogue.

Hence, the progress review of the project on remote has been conducted on 2021.09.27 with the participation of respective Local Authorities, FSLGA and other stakeholders. The Local Authorities have been presented the progress up to date that they had made based on the results of the PPD. As this project opened rooms to discuss the issues that the business community faced, both LA and business community came to a common forum and identified solutions that would benefit both to the LAs and business community. The sustainable operation of the policy and duplication of the good practices to other local authorities are the future wayward of this project.

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