S.No Notice Title More Details
05 * Amendment Notice-Competitive Examination for Promotion to the Supra Grade of Eastern Provincial Management Service Officers Service on Merit Basis – 2019(2020)n blink       Letter:  Tamil   |  Sinhala
04 * Amendment - Open Competirive Examination for Agriculture Instructure Grade III on the Provincial Marks Basis, Eastern Provincial Counciln blink       Letter:  Tamil   |  Sinhala
03 *Notice Open Competitive Examination for Recruitment of English Diploma Teachers Grade 3-1(C) in the Eastern Province - 2020n blink       Letter:  Tamil   |  Sinhala
02 *Notice - 1st , 2nd & 3rd Efficiency Bar Examination for Demonstrator (Needle Work) in Department of Rural Development, Eastern Province - 2020 (I)       Letter:  Tamil   |  Sinhala
01 **Notice - Open Competitive Examination for recruitment of Instructor (Textile) Class III in the Eastern Province - 2019  Tamil | Sinhala

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