E1M2 09 07 2020

A Blood Donation campaign was organised on 09.07.2020 at Department of Buildings, Eastern Province, Inner Harbour Road, Trincomalee in collaboration with Blood bank, General Hospital, Trincomalee.

The Staff from nearby institutions like Department of Buildings, Trincomalee and some others from Ministry of Road Development, EP, Chief Ministry, EP, Ministry of Health, EP, Forest Department and Regional Director of Health Services, Trincomalee were donated their valuable blood.

The Provincial Director of Buildings, Eastern Province would like to express his sincere thanks for those who donates blood and make event this success. Also, similar events would be organised by every six months.





 E1M1 09 07 2020


 E1M3 09 07 2020

 E1M4 09 07 2020

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