E1M1 23 09 2020

As part of the Capacity Building of the Local Authorities, the Capacity Development of Local Government (CDLG) project has been identified to be implemented among the 45 Local Authorities in the Eastern Province. The Letter of Agreement (LoA) with regard to the project had been signed by the Chief Secretary of the Eastern Province and the UNDP on 23.09.2020 with the financial support of European Union. This project is paralleled to the LDSP Project and whereas CDLG is mainly focuses on the capacity development of the local authorities. 

As the first step of the project, the provincial level induction and introductory workshop regarding the project had been organized by the UNDP and the Department of Local Government. However, due to the Covid19 pandemic situation, the workshop has been cancelled. Instead of that, the Department of Local Government and UNDP have organized a web based introductory session among all Chairmen and Secretaries of the Local Authorities in the province. Nearly 74 participants all around the province especially from their own destinations have been participated in the webinar. The officers from UNDP Head officer, Colombo and other areas also joined and spooked about the project and gave full description on the activities which have been planned to implement through the project. The success of this webinar was to keep the participants for more than 3 hours without quitting from the discussion even though they were joined from various part of the province.

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