An awareness programme on Traffic Rules and Regulation was conducted for schools comes under purview of Batticaloa Central Educataion zone. School students from Kalmunai Pulavermani Sharifudeen M.Vidyalayam, Al-Manar Central College, Shams Central College, Al-Mazhar GHS, Al-Ashraq M.M.Vidyalayam, Wesley High School, Carmel Fatima College , Malharul Shams Maha.Vidyalam, Al-Hilal Vidyalayam were attended the awareness programme.

This awareness programme has been arranged under Law and Order sector of Chief Ministry, Eastern Province. Senior Police officials were conducted the programme and explained the importance of adhering the traffic rules and regulation. They also clearly explained the potential adverse impacts of not obeying traffic rules to the school students. At this programme nearly 950 students participated and benefitted.








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