E1M1 19 08 2020An important discussion was held on 19.08.2020 at the office of the Cooperative Employees Commission Colombo with the objectives to resolve the current critical issues in Cooperative Sector. The Secretary Cooperative Employees Commission Colombo with her Legal officer and Secretary Co-operative Employees Commission Eastern Province were participated in this Discussion.

The following subjects were tabled at the meeting to find the ways & means to resolve the issues related develop Cooperative Societies and its employees:

 1. Revision of salaries and amendments to qualifications & experience for positions for recruitments & promotions in Eastern Province and appointing Committee for obtain the recommendations.

2. Filling of Vacancies, casual permanency for the approved Cadre & appointing trainees in Cooperative Societies.

E1M2 19 08 20203. Circulars of the Colombo CEC and its Tamil translated Versions

4. Enforcing the new Establishment code in Eastern Province for Cooperative Employees and its legal issues.

5. Co-coordinating activities to arrange meeting between Nine Provincial Co-operative Employees Commissions to share the experiences and Knowledge which were gained and to use them to resolve the Current issues in Co-operative sector, especially matters related to the employees.




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