E1M1 15 04 2021

Co-operative Employees Commission Member & Staffs visited to Trincomalee MPCS on 15.04.2021 to follow up actions of matters related to Commission, Which include the followings :

1. Permanency of casual employees according to CEC Circular Nos:03/2020and 04/2020.

2. Assignment of Posts according CEC Circular No: 04/2020

3. Recruiting New Employees to Societies and acting appointments with following procedures according to CEC Circular No: 04/2020.

4. Payment of increased New Salaries as per CEC Circular Nos:01/2016 and 01/2021

5. Follow up actions on Disciplinary matters of Employees

6. Contribution of EPF, ETF and Payment of the same after the retirements.

7. Payment of profit shares to Employees according to CEC Circular No 01/2021.


Officials Involved in Inspections.

S.No Visited MPCS Date of Visit Official Visited
01 Trincomalee 15.04.2021

Mr.S.Sivagurunathan - Member of CEC

 Mr.A.G.Theivendran  :- Secretary to CEC

 Mrs..B.Subodhini - DO

 Mrs.M.A.F.Hilmiya - DO



E1M2 15 04 2021
















E1M3 15 04 2021

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