1An important Meeting was held on 23.07.2020 at the office of the Co-operative Employees Commission with the objectives to resolve the current critical issues in Co-operative Sector. The Chairman and the Members of the Commission with its Secretary and the CCD and RCS with his ACCDs (Ampara, Batticaloa, Kalmunai and Trincomalee) and Senior Co-operative Development officers were participated in this Discussion.

The following subjects were tabled at the meeting to find the ways & means and to resolve the issues related develop Co-operative Societies and its employees:


1. Employee Cadre revision for Co-operative Societies.

2. Filling of Vacancies for the approved Cadre in Co-operative Societies.

3. Casual Permanency of employees of the Cooperative Societies.

4. Revision of salaries and amendments to qualifications for positions for            recruitment &promotions.

5. Enforcing the new Establishment code for Co-operative Employees.

6. Providing training for the Board of Directors and Employees of Co-operative societies.

7. Introducing an online appeal system for Co-operative employees in the Eastern Provincial Council Website.




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